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What I eat in a day as a raw vegan.

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Fruit-Based Lifestyle

There are endless benefits to incorporating more raw foods into your diet!



Interested in a fruit-based lifestyle, but not sure where to begin? Whether you want to follow a raw food lifestyle, eat high raw, incorporate more fruit in to your daily diet, or just have questions about a fruit-based lifestyle check out this website for more info.


Following a high-fruit lifestyle is a healthy, delicious way to enjoy your meals and have energy to be vibrant and live life to its fullest.

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Vegan resources:


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Create New Food Memories

As a by-product of our culture and how we socialise we likely all have plenty of memories associated with food. Whether it be the preparation of food, the sharing of food, or the eating of food. Socialising often revolves around food and beverages. Many of our fond memories involved food in some regard, whether it was family barbeques, birthday parties, dinners with friends… food is intricately connected with cherished moments in our lives.


If you want to change what you eat, the way you eat, and your relationship with food you need to create new food memories. By having these new memories to refer back to you will be able to more easily change your habits surrounding food. Your relationship with food will change because you will know that you are no longer eating foods that harm your body, but ones that nourish you.

Your new experiences will be more memorable because you will be eating foods that enhance your senses and presence in the moment rather than numbing your body to the feelings and emotions you are having. You will feel more alive. Raw fruits and vegetables are vibrant foods that will heighten your awareness of your surroundings as well as how you feel in that moment and your experience of it.


The new memories will help you to develop new habits through your desire to repeat those experiences and how you felt. Whether it be eating some fruit while watching a movie with loved ones, sharing fruit in the park with friends, or sharing a large salad at the dinner table these new experiences will not only be fond memories they will also be more in-line with your priorities and true to your life purpose.

Focusing on health can improve your life in so many ways. So treat yourself with respect and live life fully by caring for your body and feeding yourself vibrant life giving foods. Take your health, and your life into your own hands.

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Don’t compare your diet with others’!


Be honest with yourself with what works for you as well as what doesn’t. Pay attention to how your body reacts to certain foods. How do you feel after eating them? How do you feel the next day? And what lasting effects do certain foods have on your body? Make your diet specific to you. What fruits and veggies do you like most, and how do you like to eat them?

You don’t need to conform to how other people eat or what they eat. Your journey should be centred around health, your health. So, listen to your body. Be nice to it. Live each day as authentically as you can. And authenticity requires being honest with yourself, including your health and the foods you use to fuel it.

You are unique. Respect that.

Love yourself, and treat your body well. You deserve it.

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